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  • If using cow or horse manure, there are two important factors you need to be aware of. Hot Composting vs Vermicomposting. Ats the difference and which one is better? As I mentioned in a recent article, I tend to lump hot (thermophilic) composting.
  • This should be an ideal home for your compost-zapping worms. Welcome to Compost Info Guide. Where you will find great answers to all your composting questions. Eck out some of the great new articles below: As earthworms live in the soil, they engage in several different beneficial activities that help make soil better for growing plants.
  • Many countries such as and some individual cities such as Seattle and require food and yard waste to be sorted for composting. Find out about the potential health benefits of sage including improving cognition in Alzheimer's treatment and lowering blood glucose and cholesterol. Growing Shiitake Mushrooms at Home A delight to the palate, the home grown, edible shiitake mushrooms can turn waste wood into 20 per pound produce.

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